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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  November 30, 2010 6:00am-7:00am PST

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top stories, trevor showcase takes place today at the supreme court. we will hear arguments about releasing in late spring and >> the pentagon's joint us don't tell policy will be in the spotlight. >> it is cold outside again. attached is a let's get the latest on the four crossed >> it is not as cold as it was yesterday we are starting to see a warm-up even warmer heading into tomorrow. we have a chance of rain in the forecasts this week increasing high clouds today thickly continue throughout the day. chance of showers as well kurt temperatures still below freezing in fairfield, but the freezing mark at the livermore valley. we are actually
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mormyrid in the north bay santa rosa 35 and 41 in fremont. by 8:00 we will see for the sphere by noontime we will see fifties. topping it out in the '50s: it into the 40's towards 8:00 p.m.. your satellite and radar shows us more cloud cover moving into the bay as we head into tomorrow we are watching a system drop down from the north. it could bring sprinkles to the north bay however at this point the best chance of rain being thursday night into friday. current temperatures as we head into the afternoon 56 for san rosa, 54 in san francisco also of richmond, in the south bay things in the upper 50. 57
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for oakland. you're 7 day around the bay you notice we have a chance of rain tomorrow but the best chance again in the north bay certainly not going to be a washout. better chance there's an added year friday could be a wet day friday another chance of rain for saturday and sunday. six 02 a.m. check on your commute. >> we a waking up to let problem free commune we are taking a look at the bay bridge toll plaza westbound 80 no problems to report covers sailings by you from all the approaches no slow spots to report the metering lights off and you will run into any problems along the upper deck still tracking aid-nine minutes into fremont street cartoonist bridge to the maze coming in at 19 minutes. san mateo bridge no problems on either direction the right hand side heading toward the peninsula at the foster city the only tracking a small way that the toll plaza.
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14-50 minutes between 881 01. south bay no hot spots yet slowing down among the taillights heading toward san clara a small back up on 87 interchange from downtown san jose towards them clear consistent at 14 minutes. >> the u.s. supreme court is set to hit arguments today about a federal order requiring california to release inmates from its prisons. this stems from medical care it was once blamed for one inmate to death that a week. 18 other states have joined california and pushing the justice to reject this order. buster panel of three judges rid said reducing population by 40,000 inmates is the only way to root improve medical and mental health. >>the pentagon study that
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argues that gay troops could serve openly without hurting the military's ability to fight is expected to re- ignite debate this month on capitol hill over repealing the 17-year-old "don't ask, don't tell" policy. officials familiar with the 10-month study's results have said a clear majority of respondents don't care if gays serve openly, with 70 percent predicting that lifting the ban would have positive, mixed or no results. defense secretary robert gates and chairman of the joint chiefs of staff adm. mike mullen, who have both said they support repealing the law, were scheduled to discuss the findings with congress tuesday morning and with reporters tuesday afternoon. >>the inmate who escaped at a santa cruz hospital earlier monday had no hostages with him when he was taken into custody.maurice ainsworth was taken into custody at a home in the 100 block of english drive by a sheriff's swat team. ainsworth, 24, was being taken to dominican for a mri when he attacked the female deputy. ainsworth, is 6 feet 7 inches tall and weighs 275 pounds. ainsworth got away while they were near dominican hospital on the 1500 block of paul sweet road.the inmate also shot a female security guard and took her car keys near the mri center at dominican. he was first reported running in the area between salisbury drive and brookwood drive possibly near a preschool. shoot took advantage of the opposition and punched the deputy is started in the facility he fled into the perimeter of the hospital where they fought again he managed to get the taser and taste the deputy. well the
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deputy was down he took a handgun and fired around then he fled into the neighborhood. he was arrested without incident he was held up in and on occupied homes for four hours. >> formal budget officer should not be free on bail because he is unlikely to win an appeal on his involuntary manslaughter for killing oscar brand. this is video as he was going to court during the trial in a brief filed last week the prosecutors say a defendant convicted of a felony has no action solute right to bail on appeal. he will return to court friday to us to be released while he appeals his conviction. >> the latest on the with the leaks in a message released says of then-
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president has freed dangerous detainees and pardon suspected drug dealers because they had connections to kron 4 figures it was written last year by deputy embossed or it says pardoned policemen, with 01 because they were related to to historical figures. the government is changing the way it handles classified information after with key leak released documents the government is reversing a decade of efforts to get u.s. officials to share information the pentagon is to tailor new safeguards including restraints on small computer flashing drives that would make it harder to copy and reveal some of the secrets. the government is mounting a criminal investigation against with the leaks. >> we will be right back alive look right here as van ness avenue in san francisco
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it is dark and clear and cold. we will be right back.
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but lookit that san francisco's 44, concord, india everybody is 40 or below mid-30s. looks like the coolest temperature is 32 and fairfield. >> all prices are falling faster in the nation's largest cities record number of foreclosures will price it lowered over the next year. the home index fell half a percent in some timbre. san francisco prices and l.a. prices increase both fell. washington had
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lost beggars were they only areas to post gains. waiting for the opening bell the dow was down 0162 yesterday but only wound up close and down around 30 points that was to his futures are pointed lower after yesterday's down. sorry it closed 40 points. we are over the 11,000 mark. world markets lower today as chinese shares feared the union's bailout of ireland failed to convince people that the crisis has been contained. major stores took in about the same amount of money friday, saturday, sunday is a did last thanksgiving week and even kill a there were more shoppers customer traffic rose nearly 3 percent compared to 1% decline last year but shoppers to focus on deals they expect sales to rise over 3 percent.
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>> toyota is fixing a problem with the prius but says this is not a recall toyota says it is to replace the coolant pump in 650,000 prius hybird around the world about half of them are north and off at the fix is being done on model years 2004 through 2007. >> congressional leaders will meet today's first time since the vote. they're expected to talk about the bush taylor tax cut some are about to expire the u.s. russia and they will define the interaction between the white house is a divided congress republicans will take over control of the house in january and are gaining see this at weakening the number of democrats here in >> well allowance chilly out there is pretty cold in some spots like fairfield lawyers reason. still bright traffic
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is live at 1 01 looking the most directions.
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and morning it's been sold fold we are getting used to it is they're freezing plants that the latest as we live as san jose and had a cold morning lose that was as the latest. >> if at least we are prepared we have the leader of the players ready temperatures are cool but not as cool as every yesterday in my sleep up to not as much the morning frost. currently 44 in san jose, san francisco your high today 54. calls were this morning we are chilly in fairfield up and the freezing of but never world's is above freezing at this hour which is an improvement from yesterday 333 livermore smith third is
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through san rafael and f napa valley, 40 in east bay. future cast 4 set for 3:00 p.m. wednesday showing as a slight chance of showers in the picture to was certainly not a washout if you're in the east bay and peninsula of looks like you should stay dry tomorrow but we are bringing and a chance of a few drops in the north bay. future cast 4 show and raindrops saying north of san rosa of five thursday another storm moves during first of all of rain to the north bay and moving southward through thursday evening by 10:00 a.m. all the hollow feeling and for petaluma, and san rafael as well that is modern rainfall and this will continue throughout much of your day on friday. even a chance of rain by the weekend as well. you're afternoon highs in to the upper 50s like san rafael, 53 novato, 54 richmond and san francisco
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down the south bay upper 50s 58 san jose and morgan hill. 7 day around the bay tomorrow morning as cold as today we are seeing an improvement in overnight temperatures in an unstable weather continues to. >> tuesday committee looks good but we're definitely slowing down at the version the bay bridge toll plaza of expression in the cache line they just checked in the middle and less are still off someone to make your way past the pay date you won't run into too much land as you are in the clear through the upper decks ansan mateo bridge moving find a small way that the toll plaza but only looking at a 15 minute trip across the span. still a problem is getting to the bridge in its direction. alive looks set down 1 01 this is traffic those tillites heading out of belmont toward hollister and san carlos you can see lots of space between cars and we are moving at the limit. over to our maps and
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live road sensors this slowing on westbound highway for your right out of any of this long right near cologne treated whey speeds digging down to 9 mi. an hour and a slow spot should drive time clocking in at 23 minutes. another quick look of traffic in san francisco 1 01 to 80 we are completely in the green. darya. >> team coverage of traffic and weather go to our solo reporter jackie still sell in the albany. how's it doing there jackie? >> it's cold out here. >> is really pulled out it is it? >> it is cold out here you have to turn the heat around high the traffic is building it said the 580 march allow east of the maze you can see the traffic starting to pilot this is a
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spot where we traditionally will see its by golden gate fields on looking over the horses are doing in morning trading and lights aren't but i sure hope those jockeys have lots of warm person. >> it's hard to get up when it's this cold too. market. >> another detective will be taken as a ninth day in that richmond high school game right. seven men have been charged with raping a 16 year-old girl yesterday police detective return to the stand greco interviewed the victim after the attack. they're trying to determine who did what the night of the sexual assault and other police officer testified yesterday in as part of the team that carried small samples of hair samples this hearing will last at least another two weeks. >> new affirmation released on this christmas day 2007
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tiger attack at the san francisco zoo. one person was killed and two were injured when tatyana escapes from her inclosure justices it was closing police had to shoot her. that night please question and the survivors and for the first time since the attack police have released the audiotapes of those interviews. jonathan blum has the story. >> he jumped over that thinks of how that thing somehow hops. they have to make that bigger something handy. that thing just jump over the whole thing. >> still in disbelief paul was upset and swearing through this 10 minute interview with police to repeatedly asked him if he tried to feed board aunt taught gm of the tiger. >> we waiving anything?
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>> of we were eating nachos. it was done i think we aided before it got there. >> to destroy anything at the tiger to get the >> attention. >> know. >> food or anything no how good we throw something. that was like this here is a lot of my life's >>. so when he jumped and you you were the first one and a >> the tigers attacked >> i'm the first one >> get off as he jumped on carlos. i don't know how chagrin of some >> thing. and when that one did you do after he started testing carlos >>. we went to go call for help it was a double wrestling a tiger i felt i was in a die couldn't you >> the like. he claimed the place and the suit >> the gun that would not
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open the door less >> and. did you see anybody inside >>? ya the manager and wonder to of the employees then the security later came along with the little card issue is just too slow and do anything i told her to call the cops and >> will wish of burn >> the doing at this time it is applying pressure to is a >> loose. if we will be right back alive look right now from san mateo bridge dark skies traffic check but moving at the speed limit. [ mom ] my son only wanted one toy this year.
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6:26 a.m. with if your trump having trouble getting out of bed so chilly out there is as you put your toes out you say forget it. 58 will be the high today looking for the sun shining it will plow up tomorrow even though we raise the temperature it will plow up may be a chance
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of afternoon. especially of rain and that chance lingers and gets better on friday it is up and down and now even and the weekend it was going to be sunny the club are hanging over onto our weekend. we'll keep an eye on that. >> the delicious as they are launching a formal investigation on whether there is the competition is as a probe follows complaints from serge providers then go will put them at a disadvantage for paid search results the investigation does not apply it in any wrongdoing and maintain they have nine broken any antitrust rules. google is adding to his portfolio. it is bidding on the para pioneering the deal is for $6 billion and could happen as soon as a week. at that price group it will be
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the largest purchase for google it would make it the market leader of the locally tailored >> disputes> will be back with more of a couple of finance.
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opening bell on wall street credit is that liza minnelli? she did a good job. we're watching numbers futures are appointed lord disappointing numbers about home sales and a drop in august with that news we are seeing futures lower once again after yesterday 40 port crop did dow was down 162 yesterday will follow the numbers keep an eye on wall street throughout the morning. >> keeping our eye on temperatures it is chilly out there. you can see the skies are gorgeous as the sun is coming up and we're waiting for the sun to warm things up >> we are slightly warmer
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than yesterday yesterday temperatures will be well below freezing at this point everybody is above freezing. slightly warmer temperatures less from us this morning increasing high clouds continue through the day that brings us a chance of rain as we head into tomorrow. your current have been trained on the only spot at freezing fairfield. already into the 40 securities bay upper 30's the redwood city and found you and san jose. future cast 4 shows us a chance of rain for tomorrow but looks like a this point best chance in the north bay if you're in the plant floors of the we could say dry for most of the day tomorrow is really not until thursday the later part of thursday that brings us best chance of rain. we have another system bringing smiles to the north bay first then south through the evening by 10:00 hour vigil area shows as water rainfall we will see the ring it up into the evening. chance of rain
6:32 am
continues for friday is also the portion of the day friday looks like it will lift towards 5:00 p.m. here in drafting and highs today into the 50s and get some of the warmer spots 58 san rafael, 54 in san francisco down and the south bay 58, number for los gatos, san jose and morgan hill as well. you're 7 day around the bay yes those morning she temperatures one of but that's when a chance of rain settles an unstable for the rest of the work week and the weekend. >> we are stacking up at the bay bridge toll plaza that is because the leader let's have cycled on the back up towards 880 over cross. a baby itself pretty much in the clear so passive peggy the meter and lights. we pick up speed that the s curve so drive time is not bad 12 minutes which is typical right now from the foot of the maze and of
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remonstrate san francisco. san mateo bridge no problems here and some of rain delayed free through the morning '92 the commit direction towards foster city looks good track is a small way that the toll plaza 15 minutes between 881 01. live look at millbrae and the mid peninsula no problems to report here still lots of space between cars drive time from this camera shot rain near the airport towards palo alto clocking in 17 minutes and taking it over to the maps which tracks the routine slowing karen westbound 580 the see all the red and yellow been to build on the screen. we are ahead of schedule the only slows but is near in a way blvd. making your way toward livermore it did down to 12 mi. an hour but the drive from the altamont pass to the 586 clocking in at 17 minutes. mark. >> new details the government is changing the way it handles class of a
6:34 am
sci-fi information after wikileaks it made documents public the u.s. government reversing a decade of efforts to get u.s. officials to share affirmation. and pentagon is having new security safeguards including restraints on flash drive spirit it will be harder to copy and reveal secrets. the government is mounting a criminal investigation. swedish officials wikileaks says has filed another appeal against a court order to detain him in a rape investigation here rejected his first appeal upholding a decision to team him for questioning his whereabouts are unknown is wanted concerning allegations against him including sexual molestation it is from his encounters of a swedish woman. he has denied the allegations. >>the inmate who escaped at
6:35 am
a santa cruz hospital earlier monday had no hostages with him when he was taken into custody.maurice ainsworth was taken into custody at a home in the 100 block of english drive by a sheriff's swat team. ainsworth, 24, was being taken to dominican for a mri when he attacked the female deputy. ainsworth, is 6 feet 7 inches tall and weighs 275 pounds. ainsworth got away while they were near dominican hospital on the 1500 block of paul sweet road.the inmate also shot a female security guard and took her car keys near the mri center at dominican. he was first reported running in the area between salisbury drive and brookwood drive possibly near a preschool. >> she had defied her car keys gave him cartier's and then he left and the meantime there was a parent coming and the baby to be dropped off she backed out of the room and she he raised the gun at her she screamed. the teachers grass the kids and we were locked down. once you got to the parking area he heard the sirens and the bonds >> let. eventually everybody was evacuated the children were taken to the hospital
6:36 am
out of harm's way >>. in belmont for security cameras after suspects broke into a class room. police in belmont are reviewing video footage from security cameras at carlmont high school where suspects broke into a classroom during the holiday weekend and stole thousands of dollars worth of equipment. twenty-five apple macbook computers and 30 ipods were reportedly stolen from the high school classroom where they were stored sometime between wednesday evening and this morning, according to belmont police. the school- owned equipment was worth more than $50,000, according to police. officers have arrested three teenagers on suspicion of vandalizing several los gatos cars and causing thousands of dollars in damage last week. on nov. 23, a resident spotted two cars full of juveniles and young adults pulled over in a neighborhood around 9 p.m. shortly after 9 p.m., the group allegedly threw eggs at cars near the intersection of pollard road and more avenue. the vandalizing escalated into several suspects smashing car windows, keying paint, and shattering residential landscape lights. in all, the group committed more than 15 acts of vandalism and damaged more than $1,000 in property. officers were able to quickly track down the suspects thanks to the resident's initial report. the resident didn't witness the crimes but made note of the two suspicious-looking cars. campbell resident eric pecher; morgan castor- thomas, of san jose; and robert bergschneider, of santa clara, were arrested on suspicion of felony vandalism. all three men are 18 years old. police also cited three 17-year-olds and released them to their parents. a fourth 17-year- old has been identified but not located.
6:37 am
since the recent ballot message pass more officers are born to be cut. in january oakland police will lose 15 investigators a traffic give forssmann officers and 20 officers from the crime of reaction teams. >> we will be right back ratings for airlines and airports will tell you who's the worst and best. a look at the bay bridge rain assets 37 and a back up already.
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to the 40 a.m. all looked at san jose a bit of company just enough to make you feel like you're not the only one awake. that is just right traffic is moving at the limit. it is chilly out there so you don't want to be the only one to but a lot and go out. 37 right now you're high today 58 in san
6:41 am
jose. >> southwest airlines swept several satisfaction carat categories including best value for the third year and a roh aide come stoppable list when it comes to the best law bridge policy bags fought fly free. best on- time. continental tops that for premium seating and jet blew was best for economy sitting. singapore airline was the best international. and for the first year in a row blue border yet airport the worst airport in america. >> let's look at the whether if you think is chilly here we have trouble look at this for the second time this year are tornadoes slams into that talent of yazoo city mississippi. this twister damage many buildings in the city.
6:42 am
include an accord cows power was knocked out trees were down thankfully nobody was hurt. severe storms leaving the path of destruction across the louisiana. one home destroyed two others damaged the tornado blew throughout london and despite all the damage that has pretty much open wide gap nobody was hurt. >> we will be right back and live look for mount tam nice looking view over the bay the sun coming up over the east bay hills.
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another slide from the dow jones 81 points right now back down below the 11,000 mark. down 82 at 10,00697. down 84, 87, 86 we could sit here all day. >> temperature are not
6:46 am
changing that fast we have a couple of degrees and yesterday morning. but we have double live shot san mateo bridge on the left of the back up heading to the bay bridge on the right. both of them looking good right now. weather was chilly is a word. >> clear shot we are seeing high clouds roll into the picture this is making for some warmer morning temperatures temperatures still cool but not quite as cold as yesterday probably not waking up to as much morning frost. 44 by noontime we are in the '50s and high temperature today of 54 back down to upper 40's by 8:00 p.m. we ever so of freezing mark in fairfield but elsewhere temperatures above freezing is an improvement from yesterday 33 for livermore still chilly there upper 30s in the south bay 34 for san rosa taking it through the day into the o'clock hour we
6:47 am
are in the '40's the most locations 40's run by 10 by noontime all of this light blue shows us '50s so we will fill in and see more fifties by the afternoon: the back down into the 40's by 8:00 p.m. here's a look here satellite radar should seeing all the clouds streaming into the bay area moisture this point staying to the north but as we head into tomorrow there's a chance we could actually see some of that shift southward. no. could see some rain until thursday. highs today in the '50s today 54 in san francisco also richmond as well. 55 for concorde than the south bay 58 that, number for mountain view down instead was a morgan hill as well so those are some warmer spots. 7 day around the bay you can see the morning lows not quite as cold as this morning. by the end of the week we have a better chance of rain moving in thursday
6:48 am
night in your friday. even a chance by the weekend. >> think you'll is it's a quiet tuesday morning and terms of accidents. we have a stack up at the approach to the bay bridge headed westbound towards an francisco that back up now stretching past the 80 over cross metering lights were turned on a bitterly and it is lit up the incline and through the head scarves are right now looks like a day the approach is your best bet because it is unclear. if you want to avoid the backup altogether take the san mateo bridge no problems here nice and light in both directions of 92 little bit thicker in the right hand side of your screen traffic moving towards foster city towards a peninsula not tracking the mark back up at the toll plaza still 15 minutes between the ban. semblances could traffic moving well slowing down just a bit as you approach a 1 0180 split. headlights headed south toward the peninsula today free conditions a year make your
6:49 am
way towards the airport if you're taking public transportation today no problems to report just yet ace train #1 and 3 on time so as many ac transit and art. >> we now know which judges will rule on the appeal of prop. 8. it is the ban on same-sex marriage passed by voters in 20083 judges are 20 hear arguments next week to of those judges were appointed by democratic presidents well the third was appointed by former president george w. bush. >> a judge has ordered two men connected to a company to stand trial of animal neglect the co-owners of goats carreras and i heard her will rested after they found 10 of the doubt that in october in oakland the men are scheduled to be arraigned. >> passengers will soon be able to carry guns on
6:50 am
amtrak. the push by in order to reverse the near decade- long gun ban on the government's only real corporation. beginning december 15th guns can be carried aboard trains that has checked baggage service they have to inform them 24 hours ahead of departure and an low they're far a firearms must have storage containers in lockers. >> this afternoon organizers are urging congress to pass the dream back at a news conference congress is expected to vote on that within the next month it would give on documented young people who have grown up in the united states a chance to leave here legally if they go to college or join military students and officials cal a third for a rally in support of the bill. one of the speakers was deeply. he uses to dent that was detained for two months before dianne
6:51 am
feinstein halted his deportation this rally was held on mission high school where they talk about their dilemma of being educated in united states and not being allowed to work because of lack of citizenship >>. there is a broken immigration system people like myself don't have a chance to stay here legally. we are now limbaugh we are here to get an education but we can't use our degrees or education to make a change in this country that is why it's so important to pass a dream back. so that we can fix this broken system that we have here in this country. >> the 23 year-old li grew up in san francisco after coming to the united states at the age of 11. >> 6.9 magnitude earthquake struck off of japan shaking a broad part of the country swing buildings in tokyo. no damage or injuries at this time officials say there's
6:52 am
no danger of a tsunami this hit around 1230 their time. japan's meteorologist said the 6.9 but the u.s. geological survey said it was a 6.6. the reason for the discrepancy we don't have yet but we will keep you posted. >> to asian allies it agreed to talk about the korean attack. north korea's thing this house drawls with the u.s. could trigger a war senior north korea is headed towards tried it for talks it is the north's only ally. the north unleashed a barrage on the south korean island last week killing four south koreans. >> wisconsin high school be closed today cancelling made a billable after 15 year-old with a gun held 23 students and the teacher hostage for five hours before he shot myself. take a look at the video from yesterday the
6:53 am
large police response none of the hostages were heard the gun man's condition is not known right now the students say they chattered and laughed with the gunmen about hunting and fishing as they tried to keep him calm during this ordeal one of the students take a hostage says the gunmen appeared depressed but did not seem like he wanted to hurt anybody. >> we will be back as the news continues for wins in seven losses a game of first-place this san francisco's 49 years coming up after the break. a lot look at walnut creek were traffic is moving smith.
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the niners took the national stage in monday night football and look great brian was burke rushed for 1 36 yds and a touchdown. the forty-niners and arizona to a 6 lot that loss in a row.
6:57 am
in a shower of boos from the colonel's home crowd. arizona is the two-time defending division champion but has not lost as many in a row since dropping eight in 2006 and francisco improves 4-7 overall. >> thank goodness the west bank's. the giants found out how much of a bonus it will receive its broken up into shares the post season share or three heterocysts. down from the record are of 350,000 per player for the yankees last year. that is the third highest share ever. the giants were. it's a form 60 percent of the gate receipts from the first three games of the series and the fourth. the
6:58 am
postseason bonuses not enough to keep one read bay to make matters were his close to signing a deal with the dodgers. >> dumb dumb dumb ball much >> 1 year deal last year. he needs to take the physical. he offered of attrition but he declined a lot of people when they do the chant they say wire the booing him. next year they will be billing him. >> oh ya boy no love lost. it's about the money. we >> oh ya boy no love lost. it's about the money. we just do this for fun.
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